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Style - 8. February 2017

Time is precious. There is a difference between being busy and being productive. I don’t like only being busy. For me busy is a quite negative term. It reminds me of stress and boring stuff that I don’t really want to be doing.

Some people just cannot understand how I can go out to meet friends on a Saturday afternoon and being “complaining” about not having enough time to complete all my to-do’s at the same time. Drinking coffee in the city, talking about boys. Although there would be a school paper that needed to be handed in. I used to have a guilty conscience about that until I learnt to accept the fact, that sometimes you just need to take a break and recharge your batteries. That you actually do have enough time to complete all the to-do’s but sometimes some other resources are missing.

I cannot study five hours of cryptography after a long day at work. I’m not able concentrate myself enough then. Although I would have time to do that. And that is okay. Even though other people are judging you. Maybe it is that episode of your new favorite series that you recently started watching. Just make sure you enjoy it to the fullest and don’t think about how you rather should be studying.

That’s also how I realized that I am more productive when allowing me some fun in-between all the serious work things that need to be done. To spend time with people that make me laugh before getting back to work. So now I prefer being productive often instead of being busy all the time.

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