I and my skateboard

Style - 9. August 2015


Just recently I rediscovered skateboarding. I used to go around with it a lot, back in my youth (oh how that sounds), but somehow the distances became longer and longer. Instead of the skateboard I had to take the bike, car or go by train and bus.
I live rather rural, the next bigger city is ten minutes away by car and so are also the next lager shopping possibilities. It is not easy to resist the urge to just take the car for going to the city, especially not if it is waiting in front of the house anyway. Nevertheless I try to take the (E-)Bike or the bus to go to the city as often as possible. Actually I try to take them to go anywhere. Not because I don’t like driving, not at all, I actually love driving (that makes it even harder to resist) and if it was about me, I would have received my drivers license already by the age of 16. But taking the public transportation is just more ecological. And somehow it is also more relaxing. Instead of being stuck in traffic, I am sitting in the train, writing this new blog post on my MacBook Air. I couldn’t be doing that, if I was going to work by car…
I’ll be using my skateboard for shorter distances more often again from now on, but I first I have to learn to simply stand on it again firstly. I do not know why it was that easy back then…
Sneakers: Nike Air Max Thea via urbanpeople.com
Shirt: Pimkie (similar)
Trousers: Pieces (similar)
Cap: Vans (similar)

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  • Kiss & Make-up 11. August 2015 at 12:29

    You look so cool and laid-back here 🙂

  • urbanpeople 7. September 2015 at 14:23

    Hallo liebe Rebekka

    Vielen Dank für den tollen Beitrag! Hammer Fotos.

    Liebste Grüsse,
    dein urbanpeople.com Team

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