Blue & Beige

Style - 8. April 2015

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Adidas Superstar Supercolor

Style - 29. March 2015

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The BACKYARD Pop Up Store

Life - 18. March 2015

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The Good Nail Philosphy

Life - 16. March 2015

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Vegan Apple Tart

Food - 28. February 2015

Now and then I’m craving for a little sweets. I don’t like chocolate anymore and other sweets, like bought cookies are way too sweet for me. So last Sunday I decided to bake a little something with some ingredients we mostly always have at home. I decided to go for an apple tart, after the recipe from my mum. It is really simple but so delicious.

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What do you do, to stay fit?

Life - 25. February 2015

I think I’m not doing enough for my health – at least that is my opinion. Well, I eat pretty healthy and I do sports from time to time, but I could do definitely a little more. Especially pertaining of sports.
I mean, sport is insanely good, the feeling after a good workout is just invaluable, don’t you think?
It is just so tempting to stay in bed a little longer in the morning and in the evening there are plenty of other things waiting to be done. For some weeks I really managed to train at least 30 minutes a day. Either fitness exercises or jogging, always alternating. When my exam period began, I unfortunately quit my daily ritual. Simply because I preferred to do supposedly more important things and always had the feeling to be pinched for time anyway.
Well, my exams are over now but I still haven’t restarted my training yet…
BUT when the weather is warmer again I’ll be out on the run at least once a week! It feels just so good to be outside, in the wonderful nature.
And the best is, I’m so ready for sports thanks to Adidas for my new Ultra Boost equipment.What do you do, to stay fit?Copyright: Yves Bachmann
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Going Flat

Life - 16. February 2015


The days are getting longer again, getting up earlier seems not to be a problem anymore and motivating yourself for a little walk or run after work is easier. Yes, it looks like spring is calling. I prefer spending the sunny days outside or at my desk, where the sun kisses my face while working. My daylight lamp is ready to be cleared away after spending me good light for heavy learning sessions during the cold, dark winter and I can replace it with nice flowers. I love hearing the birdsongs in the morning, this is what really makes me happy.Despite of the sunshine, the temperatures never really rise over 2° degrees and I like being cozy and warm. A big jumper, Jeans and some cozy booties.

After all I already had to expand my shoe collection for spring, because I really want to be prepared for the first day of spring, whenever it arrives.



I ordered the beige brogues via the Voegele Shoes online shop. For a while now I was looking for a pair of bright or white brogues, but I never found THE perfect pair. These ones are great, they’re bright but because of the pattern you don’t see scratches right away. They are unbelievable comfy, not even with wide feet like mine and I have about hundreds of ideas how to wear and combine them.



I bought the second pair at and other stories in Munich. They were on sale and though I did not wanted to bring home new shoes, I just had to buy them.

Beige Brogues: MAX via Voegele Shoes
Studded Leather Flats: & other Stories
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Style - 4. November 2014


This year I was invited to the Swiss Indoors with Moët & Chandon. Besides good champagne we enjoyed watching the semi-finals of tennis star Roger Federer against Ivo Karlovic and David Goffin against Borna Coric. It was really an adventure seeing tennis live for once, it was such a great atmosphere!

For the occasion I chose to wear a sporty but elegant look including a simple pair of blue jeans with a white shirt, my beloved Adidas Superstars (I totally can’t stop wearing them) and my new coat from the Bonaparte online shop for Scandinavian fashion. To finish the look I added my new statement necklace from b.shou. (If you want the necklace yourself, check out the b.shou onlineshop. With the code “FASHIONNERD” you get 15% off your order!)

Bag: Louis Vuitton
Sneakers: Adidas
Coat: Bonaparte
Top: H&M
Necklace: b.shou
Jeans: H&M
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Lazy Day

Style - 28. October 2014

Bonaparte JumpsuitBonaparte Jumpsuit
Bonaparte Jumpsuit
Bonaparte JumpsuitBonaparte Jumpsuit
Everyone needs to have a break sometimes. Because studying and working and blogging and other things are pretty exhausting I really enjoy having a day off once in a while. The best thing to do then? Sleep in (in my case mostly not longer than 10am), get a huge breakfast and do nothing demanding all day long. The best to wear on days like these? Just something comfy like my new Jumpsuit from the Bonaparte online shop for Scandinavian fashion. I totally can’t wait to wear it outside when the temperatures are warmer again. Hopefully I don’t have to wait until next June to do so…
Jumpsuit: Bonaparte
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Backpack Situation

Life - 23. October 2014

I was looking for the perfect backpack for a long time. I wanted one in black, leather design would be great. Not too expensive, but great quality. And while rummaging the entire world wide web I came across this beauty. Not only was it the backback of my dreams, I also fell in love with the brand Matt & Nat (I TOTALLY NEED TO HAVE EVERY SINGLE BAG!). The reason why? The bags are all vegan (YAY!) and made out of recycled PET (YAY YAY!). If you care about your environment, you totally have to check out Matt & Nat. But be careful, you can get obsessed with it really fast! 😀
Matt & Nat Brave
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