Winter is coming: Personal Wishlist

Life - 14. September 2015

1: Hallhuber Coat // 2: Acne Canada Scarf // 3: Bleed Clothing Beanie // 4: HURRAW Chai Spice Lipbalm
5: L:A BRUKET Bergamot Patchouli Handcream // 6: Odette New York Slim Hera Cuff
7: Kowtow Hands on Hoodie // 8: Loomstate Selvage Chambray Work Shirt

Yesterday was almost 30 degrees hot and today have I asked myself the same question again, that I’m asking every year… How the hell did I survive last winter? What do you have to be wearing at 6 degrees in the morning, to leave the house without freezing while waiting for the bus?
I do not dare to already take out my winter coats, I don’t want summer to be over yet.
But winter will be coming anyway, whether I want it to or not, therefore I commenced on preparing myself for the coldest time of the year. I wrote a personal winter must-haves list to share with you to be perfectly prepared. Better early than late, right?

Image by Molly Porter

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