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Life - 16. March 2015

Some time ago I was invited to the Schminkbar in Zurich for the Swiss launch of the Kure Bazaar. You know Kure Bazaar perhaps already. It is a luxury nail polish brand from Paris. The special about it? The nail polishes contain up to 85% ingredients of natural origin, such as pulp, corn, cotton, potatoes and corn. The overall composition of the nail polish is vegan hundred percent. At the same time, the colors are resistant, long lasting, brilliant and quick drying.All collections of Kure Bazaar together include over 50 different colors. The varied color palette ranges from pastel on metallics to the classic reds.
The manicure has kept wonderfully. I am one of those women who, despite an office job always destroy her manicure. After a week they were still in very good condition (with occasional imperfections of course, but really on the whole still great).
For me, this is the perfect nail polish, it is made of natural materials and vegan. So far I have only five different colors as well as base and topcoat. But I have to urgently get a few more summery colors to me!

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  • Kiss & Make-up 17. March 2015 at 11:15

    Oh how nice that you got to try a few nail colors. Especially the first one looks lovely.

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