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Life - 21. June 2017

Amazing weather, hot temperatures, lots of sun. Summer 2017 is finally here. Today I am presenting you my summer must-haves to make your summer 2017 great. Lots of beauty care and fashionable items are waiting!

Smooth feet with the Scholl Smooth Wet and Dry

Old blisters, renewed skin, the cornea of the many barefoot walking, already see feet look ugly. You know that. Summer means sandals, espadrilles and bare feet. So your feet should be treated well. For this reason, I have tested the Scholl Smooth Wet and Dry.

The device may optionally be used dry or wet, e.g. in the shower. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, no cumbersome cable is in the way. The Smooth Wet and Dry can be adjusted with two speed levels. The usage is very simple and feels like a gentle massage. And that, although I am super ticklish. The rolls are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.

For me, the Scholl Smooth Wet and Dry is a summer must-have.

The Scholl Smooth Wet and Dry is available at

Get your legs summer ready with Veet Cold Wax Stripes

With these warm temperatures short, airy dresses are the most pleasant at all. Right? But this also includes smooth legs. Well, actually not compellingly. Every woman should decide on her own, whether to shave, wax or epilate her legs. Or if she wants to do neither of it. Every woman as she feels personally most comfortable. Personally, I prefer it smoothly. But I have very dark body hair and they are insanely striking. Maybe that’s the reason why. Years ago, I started waxing my legs with cold wax

Personally, I prefer it smoothly. But I have very dark body hair and they are insanely striking. Maybe that’s the reason why. Years ago, I started waxing my legs with cold wax strips. My wallet is pleased and I am also happy with the results. Goes super fast. Is super easy. After trying out different brands I ended up using only Veet. They are slightly more expensive than other brands but definitely worth the money. Some time ago I got the opportunity to try the new technology “easy wax”. My conclusion? Even faster, even easier, even better results. At

My conclusion? Even faster, even easier, even better results. At first, I had some trouble finding the strips in conventional shops. Here in Switzerland, however, they exist in larger Manor branches and online.

Veet Cold Wax Strips “Easy Wax” are available at Manor

Drinking lots of fresh water made easy with your Soulbottle

Summer, sun and sunshine. Great love. I myself can bear the sun only in combination with water. Lots of water. Preferably to swim in but also for drinking. Because without, respectively with too little water, I get headaches incredibly fast. And that means the day has reached its top. But that’s only one reason why I am always carrying a bottle of fresh water with me. Not just a bottle. My favourite Soulbottle.

It is much more environmentally friendly because it’s made of glass and it looks amazing (very instagramable). I mean, let’s be honest, there is already way too much plastic floating in our waters. Using your own bottle and filling it with tap water also saves you money. So perfect for every student. You see, a Soulbottle is a win-win.

And as a little tip: with some fresh mint leaves in your water, drinking makes even more fun.

Soulbottles are available at

Care and Protection for your lips with EOS

The EOS Lipbalm with sun protection is perfect for this hot and sunny summer weather. Or for skiing as well, but let’s not think about winter again already. It not only nurses your lips, it also protects it from the sun. Win-Win! Since I first tried the lip balms of EOS, I almost exclusively use such.

Honestly, I used lip balms with better results, so I am not 100 percent satisfied with its care. If your lips are very dry, they help too little. But they are incredibly handy and pleasant to apply on your lips. Contrary to previously used lip care the application is more hygienic because you don’t need your fingers to apply it. I mean, that’s kind of disgusting if you don’t have the chance to wash your hands when in publicity for example. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, EOS lip balms are not vegan. What a pity! A good vegan alternative are therefore the HURRAW! Balms.

EOS lip balms are available at

Perfectly shaped eyebrows with the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler

Beauty gadgets are usually only unnecessary space-consuming at home. Once used, they lie around for the rest of the time in a box. For weeks, months or even years. Until they are given away to classmates, refugees or the girl next door. Given to someone who has a use for such tools. The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Style is a rare exception. I decided to keep it. For as long as possible. Let’s see how long it will be working. It can be bought at Manor for CHF 29.90. The Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler is designed for a gentle shave of the bikini area. There are different attachments, trimmers and stencils.

There are also two extensions for the eyebrows. And that’s why I’m using the Beauty Styler so much. Until now, I had styled my eyebrows with tweezers. And I’m still doing that. But newly I’m using tweezers and additionally the Beauty Styler to improve the edges and contours. This gives each eyebrow the perfect shape and every hair the perfect length. The gadget comes with a cosmetic bag for travelling and a cleaning brush. The bag is also very handy for storing at home.

The Veet Beauty Styler is available at Manor

Aesthetic, sustainable sunglasses, made by Neubau Eyewear in Vienna

Neubau Eyewear is one of my most favourite brands for 2017. The label, launched in Vienna in June 2016, combines the fresh spirit of young minds with the knowledge and serenity of many years of experience. New eyewear originates from the Austrian success group Silhouette International and benefits from the decades-long know-how of the parent company. This is important because the focus of the new eyewear brand is to the highest quality standards, coupled with dynamic progress in technology and design.

The name for the brand could not have been chosen better. Neubau Eyewear is inspired by the creative change and urban upheaval, which takes place in pulsating city districts like the Viennese district Neubau. In addition to the always perceptible courageous innovation, however, the knowledge about one’s own tradition and the craftsmanship perfected for decades also represents an important component of the new brand. The distinctive spectacle models summarise these values and are thus a tribute to the creative hustle and bustle of the international metropolises as well as a bow to the unique expertise and experience in high-quality Austrian eyeglass production.

Sustainable and modern, step by step.

In fast-paced times, where fashion is constantly changing and “sustainability” has become an almost meaningless concept, for Neubau Eyewear it is important to offer consistency, through constant creativity, urbanity, witty wit and a respectful approach to the environment. They believe in positive changes and want to make their contribution to a more sustainable future. Therefore, Neubau Eyewear eyeglass frames should not only satisfy aesthetic and practical requirements but also comply with ecological standards. This is a big project, in the only way possible: step by step. From high standards of work to advanced production processes, they have already achieved a lot. Nevertheless, Neubau is striving for more and looking forward to the journey with small, as well as great achievements.

To find out, where Neubau Eyewear can be bought, check out the Neubau Eyewear Shopfinder

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