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Life - 16. June 2016


It was very quiet on the blog in the last few months. I was busy living. As some of you may have heard on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, I moved to Copenhagen in the end of January to do an exchange semester. My time here in the beautiful north is almost over and I’m moving back to Switzerland on the first of July. I am looking forward to have all my friends and family around again but I could easily stay here a bit longer. I wouldn’t mind living in Denmark for the next few years. Copenhagen is a wonderful city ( you can read more about it in a detailed City Guide soon) and the people are friendly and incredibly stylish.

During my stay here I had the opportunity to meet many new people and cities. I made new friends from all over the world that I hope to see soon again and stay in contact with. I am planning on going to visit them all, that’s for sure! I have travelled around within Denmark and seen it’s beauty, I was in Sweden and Finland and had an amazing time in Russia. These are experienced I would have never had without going to Denmark.

Life got in the way.

I changed a lot over the past few months. It feels like I am a different human being now. Life has new priorities and despite some “tragedies” before I left and during my stay I am just happy now. Unconditionally happy. The Danish way of living life is certainly one reason as well.

I learned how important living life actually is. Time flies pas us and we have only one chance to create a life we want to live. One chance to gain experiences and to be happy. Everyone is responsible for his own happiness.

In the future I will be travelling much more and get to know and appreciate the world and its beauty. Soon you’ll find a new category about travelling on the blog and of course my personal travel bucket list.

Go out. Live your live. And above all, be happy!

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