Fashionhotel 2017 – personal recommendations

Life - 5. April 2017

The Fashionhotel is always a good experience. The atmosphere, the people, the location, everything fits perfectly together. Not only is it possible to shop cool new fashion items, it is also possible to take part in interesting workshops to learn about fashion, blogging or Instagram or to have lunch with many other fashion interested people.

I was invited to the VIP Apero and Shopping Experience at this years spring edition. I took the chance to check out new products and newcomer labels. Some of the exhibitors I already knew, some were completely new to me. Here are my favorites:


our.newnisex at fashionhotel

Our. Newnisex – what a name. As a huge fan of loose fits and boxy shapes Our. Newnisex had to made it into the list. It is a cool label creating unisex clothing. Okay, hearing the term unisex makes me think of boring stuff. Trust me, this label is different. And I actually like the thought about sharing some pieces of my wardrobe with my male partner in crime.

Tara Style Jewelry from Switzerland at fashionhotel 2017

Tara Style – admitted, I already bought my first Tara Style necklace about seven months ago and since then I am wearing it almost every day. It is for sure one of my fave necklaces ever although it is just a simple triangle in plated gold. After wearing it for so long I am still very surprised about the good condition it is in. Okay, this sounds quite negative but I’ve never had such a good experience with all the other gold plated necklaces I owned so far. Therefore the Tara Style products are highly recommended and affordable as well.



exurbe vegan cosmetic at fashionhotel 2017

exurbe – okay, you had me at vegan. I am always a fan of vegan beauty products. I have first seen exurbe in their pop up store at the Zurich central station but I actually never took the time to really explore their products. Seeing them attending the Fashionhotel I of course took the chance to talk to the people behind the brand and tried some of the beauty products out. First said, I am a huge fan of their wide collection of lipsticks and all their colors. The products are composed in a little factory here in Switzerland (yay!) and all products are free from animal products and are not tested on animals.


Love Is Jewelry at fashionhotel

Love Is – the people behind Love Is are very sympathetic. Mother & daughter duo Esther & Kathleen McFarlane create beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings and everything else a jewelry lover’s heart desires. Not only do they sell limited edition pieces, it is also possible to create custom jewelry as well. I absolutely fell for the quotation mark rings! Absolutely my thing!

maiuki lovely unique handmade shop at fashionhotel 2017

maiuki – last summer a friend told me about maiuki while visiting Frau Gerolds Garten (btw one of my most favorite places in Zurich in summer). It’s the kind of store where I could probably buy EVERYTHING, every time I’m visiting it. From umbrellas over skirts to jewelry and iPhone charging cables – you can find everything in the most beautiful way for men and women.

rrrevolve fair fashion shop at fashionhotel 2017

rrrevolve fair fashion – already founded in 2010 rrrevolve is not really a newcomer. But they are great after all. Their product range contains sustainable products for all daily needs. Fashion, Accessories, Gadgets, everything. It is definitely worth to check them out.

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