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Allgemein - 29. November 2015

Hi everyone. This is my first post in my newly established category on my Girlfriend’s blog. I don’t know what I will be posting about. I guess mostly gaming or other tech stuff. Maybe I will present some new gear I’ve newly acquired or some stuff I’ve just learnt in my studies. I guess we’ll see.

Today I’d like to talk about a game that the whole world, it seems, has been waiting for. I personally have been longing for it since the moment I finished its predecessor. I think I need not say more for you to know what I am talking about. And you are right. It’s FALLOUT 4. I don’t want to talk story or rate the game. I just want to talk about how I feel after playing it and give you my opinion on the game. So if you plan on playing it, don’t worry about Spoilers – there are none here.

Bethesda’s newest masterpiece has been released on November 9. Even though here in Switzerland the next gen Console people got to play it on Friday already, the PC Gamers had to wait until Monday. (Thanks Obama) Unfortunately all our teachers decided to swamp us with work and I had to postpone my first Fallout 4 experience until Thursday evening.

I was at least as excited as a little boy before Christmas Eve if not beyond. I decided not to read any blogs, not to watch any trailers and not to talk about it with my friends so I could get to it open-minded, with just the happy feeling in my stomach.

The game starts off with a beautiful cinematic trailer which gave me chills and still does every time I watch it. For you who have not seen it yet, I full heartedly recommend you do so right now. It is amazing, even if you do not know the game. I have attached the YouTube Video below for the lazy ones amongst you.

2 days and 17 hours. This is the time it took me to get through the main story of Fallout 4 and it has left me once again with a huge amount of “after-game-sadness”. The kind of sadness you get after beating the story of a truly amazing and entertaining game. Of course I know that I have not seen it all and I could probably spend another 2 days just wandering the commonwealth or I could just start over again and would have a whole new experience (and I probably will), but right now all I need is a break. There is so much I could tell you guys. So many stories I’ve heard. So many things I’ve seen. So many people I’ve met. And at least as many I’ve killed. There’s just too much to tell and just too little time. Just one more thing I want to say.

The game might not be flawless and it might not be without bugs but it managed entertain me in a way that let me remember why I enjoy playing video games so much. Thank you Bethesda for that.

Thanks for reading this love hymn on Fallout and please don’t hesitate to share your feelings about the game or ask any questions you might have. Until next time!


My fully modded and jet-packed T-60 Power Armor.


My gloriously rebuild castle (without mods). If you guys are interested I could probably make a video and show you around a bit.

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