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Style - 8. August 2016

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Sorry, I was busy living.

Life - 16. June 2016


It was very quiet on the blog in the last few months. I was busy living. As some of you may have heard on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, I moved to Copenhagen in the end of January to do an exchange semester. My time here in the beautiful north is almost over and I’m moving back to Switzerland on the first of July. I am looking forward to have all my friends and family around again but I could easily stay here a bit longer. I wouldn’t mind living in Denmark for the next few years. Copenhagen is a wonderful city ( you can read more about it in a detailed City Guide soon) and the people are friendly and incredibly stylish.

During my stay here I had the opportunity to meet many new people and cities. I made new friends from all over the world that I hope to see soon again and stay in contact with. I am planning on going to visit them all, that’s for sure! I have travelled around within Denmark and seen it’s beauty, I was in Sweden and Finland and had an amazing time in Russia. These are experienced I would have never had without going to Denmark.

Life got in the way.

I changed a lot over the past few months. It feels like I am a different human being now. Life has new priorities and despite some “tragedies” before I left and during my stay I am just happy now. Unconditionally happy. The Danish way of living life is certainly one reason as well.

I learned how important living life actually is. Time flies pas us and we have only one chance to create a life we want to live. One chance to gain experiences and to be happy. Everyone is responsible for his own happiness.

In the future I will be travelling much more and get to know and appreciate the world and its beauty. Soon you’ll find a new category about travelling on the blog and of course my personal travel bucket list.

Go out. Live your live. And above all, be happy!

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Snacks

Food - 8. March 2016

Literally, isn’t peanut butter with chocolate one of the best combinations ever? And if you haven’t tried out yet, now is your time. Take 20 minutes of your time and try out the following recipe. It is really quick, I promise. Continue Reading

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Giftguide for your best friend, Mum or other great women

Life - 9. December 2015

After the giftideas for friend or father, I am presenting you now my favorite ideas for your best friend, mom or a lovely workmate.

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Giftguide for your Love, Dad or other Men

Life - 7. December 2015

The second candle on the Advent wreath is already burning and Christmas is moving closer in big steps. I don’t know, how about you, but I don’t really come along with organizing all the presents. There are so many other things going on in my head, that I can’t find the time to think of great gift ideas. Nevertheless I have collected some of the nicest things I would like to give my boy for christmas. What a pity we do not make Christmas presents for each other! Do you have further gift ideas for Dad, loved one or the best friend?  Continue Reading

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Black and white. Uncompromising.

Life - 6. December 2015

ALVENER - then new luxury brand. Bags for men who know what they want.

ALVENER – black and white. Not gray. Uncompromising. This describes precisely the new luxury bag, launched for men who know what they want. Inspired by the world, Achill has created the Alvener Leather holdall ’36’, a product that grants the modern man what he needs, whether for the business trip or the gym visit. Continue Reading

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War never changes

MenSide - 29. November 2015

Hi everyone. This is my first post in my newly established category on my Girlfriend’s blog. I don’t know what I will be posting about. I guess mostly gaming or other tech stuff. Maybe I will present some new gear I’ve newly acquired or some stuff I’ve just learnt in my studies. I guess we’ll see.

Today I’d like to talk about a game that the whole world, it seems, has been waiting for. I personally have been longing for it since the moment I finished its predecessor. I think I need not say more for you to know what I am talking about. And you are right. It’s FALLOUT 4. I don’t want to talk story or rate the game. I just want to talk about how I feel after playing it and give you my opinion on the game. So if you plan on playing it, don’t worry about Spoilers – there are none here. Continue Reading

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Black Friday – ready to shop

Life - 24. November 2015

Although Black Firday is not really an issue here in Europe, we are ale please if we can get hold of a long-awaited baby at a sharp price on this one day. I don’t know about you, but I have already put together a little shopping list for the next Friday. Now I can only hope to get hold of all the desired pieces at a bargain price. What are your goals for this Firday?

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Winter is coming: Personal Wishlist

Life - 14. September 2015

1: Hallhuber Coat // 2: Acne Canada Scarf // 3: Bleed Clothing Beanie // 4: HURRAW Chai Spice Lipbalm
5: L:A BRUKET Bergamot Patchouli Handcream // 6: Odette New York Slim Hera Cuff
7: Kowtow Hands on Hoodie // 8: Loomstate Selvage Chambray Work Shirt

Yesterday was almost 30 degrees hot and today have I asked myself the same question again, that I’m asking every year… How the hell did I survive last winter? What do you have to be wearing at 6 degrees in the morning, to leave the house without freezing while waiting for the bus?
I do not dare to already take out my winter coats, I don’t want summer to be over yet.
But winter will be coming anyway, whether I want it to or not, therefore I commenced on preparing myself for the coldest time of the year. I wrote a personal winter must-haves list to share with you to be perfectly prepared. Better early than late, right?

Image by Molly Porter

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Vegan Fashion: Matt and Nat F/W15

Life - 12. August 2015

It is always a pleasure when a cool brand brings out a new collection. Therefore, I was pleased all the more, when Matt and Nat presented the new Fall / Winter Collection 2015. I already have some products of the label myself, as you already might have seen here or here. I am very enthusiastic about the products. I mean, they are vegan, sustainable and look great, what more to ask for? Exactly my cup of tea! I collected all my favorites for you. Can you guess which one is already on its way into my arms? And which one is your favorite?

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